NinjaTrader users are having trouble with their ZenFire Connection


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Just a few weeks ago there were some bad happenings going on with NinjaTrader. All the NT traders were told to close all the trades whether on profit or loss because of the issue with ZenFire connection.

The main reason was that the new version of ZenFire was not tested and it was full of bugs. After all the users of NT were forced to switch to the new version, the support team was closed. The load on the support team was massive and that is why they had to close the support center.

The recent status of the issue is that it is still not yet resolved and ZenFire is working on it. Until this issue is resolved traders of the NinjaTrader is advised to not trade live because the following issues can arise.

  • Invalid logon authentication and/or missing accounts.
  • Missing historical data
  • ATM strategies submitting orders at invalid prices
  • Connection Loss/Connection Stability
  • Missing Daily Volume

Although some of the issues were resolved but still any of the issue can arise. So wait for the final word of Zenfire.

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