InstaForex- Another Unregulated Forex Broker


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It is not safe to invest your money with a unregulated broker. As I posted yesterday that france regulators have marked astonforex as not regulated by any trading entity, the same list also includes the name of InstaForex. Which means it is also not regulated by any trading entity.

I have already explained the risks associated with trading with a unregulated forex broker in the previous post. However it is totally upto you as a user to invest with a broker. If you are currently trading with Instaforex and you are so far satisfied then that is fine.

But that does not mean that you are totally secured. Back in 2013 InstaForex forced thier users to close their trades and they also restricted withdrawal for a certain time. In result several users had to bear losses in their trades. Situation like these can occur anytime with a unregulated broker so it is safe to stay away from such brokers. I advice you to trade with etoro forex broker. It is regulated and one of the trusted company for trading in currencies.

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