eToro New Portfolio Page in OpenBook


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eToro one of the leading forex trading company has an unique community known as OpenBook where traders can follow each other to copy their trading. This is quite effective for the beginners because they can copy the successful traders to make quick profits. However the risks are also associated with it because the person goes into loss because of the trade, then all the traders who have copied their trades will also bear loss.

Loss is always expected when it comes to investment but overall the eToro OpenBook feature is amazing. This time they have introduced new portfolio page on the OpenBook.

The Portfolio page shows you some of the important features. For example the Equity shows you how much your account worth at any moment.

eToro Equity

The “Allocation | Performance” section shows you the breakdown of your total investment in each sector.

eToro Investement

The “Performance” section shows the current status of your trades. You can easily see all the trades that are in profits and the trades that are going in loss.

eToro Loss Trades

Lots of other improvements have made in the OpenBook. With the introduction of Portfolio page now you can easily evaluate the overall performance and status of your account inside your OpenBook.

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eToro New Portfolio Page in OpenBook, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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