AstonForex Included in the unregulated brokers list


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When it comes to trading in forex it is very important to trade only in the regulated brokers. Recently in a article the france’s regulator compiled the list of brokers that are not yet regulated. Astonforex broker is one of them which is not yet regulated.

If you are looking for secure trading then select only the regulated borkers. As of now AstonForex is not yet regulated by any trading entity. So it is safe to stay away form it. An unregulated broker can manipulate the actual rates and the clients funds are never safe with them. You can be forced to close certain trades and thus the result can bring your losses.

Sometime an unregulated broker cam impose certain restrictions and limitations on their clients that can too result in losses. Thus it is very important to select only regulated brokers for trading in forex.


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AstonForex Included in the unregulated brokers list, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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